Full Admission + Cliff Hangers

Purchase Total: USD $169.00
Price / kg:
Adults $169 USD
Children (6-12) $109 USD
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Full Admission + Cliff Hangers

This world of sensations offers everything from thrilling and adrenaline packed adventures to smooth and cultural experiences. Let your senses Scape while ziplining on a cliff, exploring ancient caverns, swimming in underground caves, jumping from water zip lines and riding in our splash hammocks! In addition to all these unique adventures you can also have the option (at an additional cost) to cruise along stunning beaches and snorkel in tropical waters. Do not miss the opportunity to discover the secrets this world holds!

Includes: All land attractions, transportation both ways.

What to bring: Water shoes, towels, comfortable clothing, bathing suit, cash or credit card for food, drinks, souvenirs, and photos.

Restrictions: This tour is not suitable for handicapped people, pregnant women or people who suffer from any major illness or disability. Children under the age of six are not allowed to participate in Zip Line. People under the influence of alcohol or toxic substance won’t be allowed to participate.

  • Maximum weight limit to participate in the Zip line tour is 280 pounds.

Important Notice: Food, Selfie Sticks and Drones are not allowed in the park.


      Hiking, rappelling and climbing

      *Minimum Height: 4 feet or 1,22 meters.
      *Max Weight: 300 pounds or 136 kilos.
      *Max Waist Width: 44 inches or 112 centimeters.

      Experience the thrill of rappelling down the iconic Farallon cliffs on our unforgettable rappelling & climbing tour! Our expert guides will provide you with all the equipment and training you need to safely descend into the heart of the wilderness. Feel the rush of adrenaline as you step over the edge surrounded by stunning natural scenery and amazing views.
      Whether you're a seasoned climber or a first-time adventurer our tours are designed to challenge and inspire, leaving you with memories that will last a lifetime. Book your rappelling tour today and discover a new world of adventure. Get Ready to Hang on!!

      *The approximate duration of this tour is one (1) hour and requiers the use of closed footwear.*

      Slip away from the ordinary and enjoy a journey that is packed with entertainment, filled with nature, and bursting with culture! In this nature walk you will be able to see real life replicas of the homes of the ancient Taino Indians, the Español conquistadors, the African slaves, and the Dominican peasants. A true mix of adventure and culture!

      Dive into this mystical underground spring and live the genuine sensation of swimming in these invigorating waters, previously used by the ancient natives for sacred rituals. Get ready to feel nature!

      Jump from our Mabo rope, soar the skies in our Macuya Swing, zip and thrill in our monkey bar! And ride our water hammocks that take you speeding and splashing in these refreshing waters surrounded by ancient caves and impressive waterfalls. The ride of a lifetime!

      Feel the adrenaline and enjoy the sensation of flying through a canopy of trees as you speed through a circuit of eight zip lines along an amazing cliff. ¡A definite must do!

      Meet the wonders that lie beneath the earth! Explore the vast underground network of chambers and tunnels while admiring in awe the extraordinary geological formations this impressive cavern has to offer.¡A life-transforming experience!

      In this wild journey you will have an up and close encounter with our rhinoceros iguanas. A species of reptile that can only be found in this tropical island. Our handlers are trained to make this experience both fun and educational for the whole family. You’ve never been so close!