The natural wonders found in Scape Park’s territory are rich in flora, fauna and amazing geological formations. This terrain is located over a karst platform with a coral origin, with hundreds of caves, cliffs and underwater springs that sometimes exit to the surface. The woods growing in the zone have perfectly adapted to the rocks; because of this, their morphology is highly interesting. These woods are unique in the country, since they are a combination between dry wood (cactus) and rain wood (fern). There you will find a wide variety of animals and plants species.

The animals are represented by a not yet established number of insects species, 70 species of birds, 23 reptiles and amphibians, and some 8 species of mammals; including the Jutia (Plagiodontia aedium) and the Solenodonte (Solenodon paradoxus); both terrestrial, endemic and in danger of extinction.

Plants are constituted by 500 species, from which 30 are endemic (exclusive to the island). Only some of these have been discovered so far, such as the Local Bell (cubanola dominguensis), the Cotoperi (Melicoccus jimenezii): endemic fruit tree and in grave danger of extinction, the Rain Palm (Gaussia attenuate), and a new acacia species that might be new to science and exclusive in the area.



 flora           flora2          flora5          flora6
Campanita Criolla                Cotoperí                                 Leafless Vanilla                           Guáyiga
(Cubanola Domingensis)       (Meliococcus Jimenezii)          (Vanilla Diolloniana)                    (Zamia Debilis)
flora        flora4               flora7           flora8
Alelí                                    Orquídea Cañuela o Flor de Mayo   Rosa Cimarrona                    Guayacán
(Plumería Obtusa)                (Broghtonia Dominguensis)            (Pereskia Aculeata)              (Guaiacum Officinale)
Selenodonte                           Jutía                                       Iguana Rinoceronte                Cuatro Ojos
(Selenodon Paradoxus)            (Plagiodontia Aedium)             (Cyclura Cornuta)                  (Phaenicophilus Palmarum)
Aura Tiñosa                            Lechuza Cara Cenizav               Mariposa Cepillo                      Mariposa Volatinera del Golfo
(Cathartes Aura)                     (Tyto Glaucops)                       (Siproeta Stelenes Stelenes)      (Agraulis Vanillae)